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Gazi Tv Biss Key on Apstar 7 76.E

  Gazi TV also known as GTV was launched in 2012. It is televising shows dramas news sports and much Gazi Tv Biss Key GAZI TV  Frequence and Biss Key It is televising shows Biss key 49 97 08 E8 D8 25 5B A7 Satellite  Degree Apstar 7 76.5 E Frequency Symbol Rate 3806 h 4800 SID 0001

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Channel 9 Biss Key on Apstar 7 76.E

Here Channel 9 Biss Key  Frequency New Biss Key, Update Code On Apstar 76.5E Latest Channel 9 Sports biss key on Apstar 7 76.5 E will It is a channel from Bangladesh Working Biss Key Frequency Code Update Biss Key 2A2B 2C81 9456 FBE5 Satellite Degree Apstar 7 76.5 E Frequency 3790 Symbol Rate 4444 SID number 0001 Polarity H    

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Discovery Animal Planet Intelsat 20 at 68.5°E

ANIMAL PALNET & DISCOVERY (India) Key intelsat 20 at 68.5°E FREQ: 3740 H 30000 New PowerVU 00:1B6D 8544 64 9F0B 01:9710 BD1B BD D408  ANIMAL PLANET-HD TLC-HD  INTELSAT-17/66.E ANIMAL PLANET-HD TLC-HD FREQ:3985 H 14400 PowerVu Key 00:116F238DF24B55 01:6546B4E6C9E9A2 Discovery Thor1°W- Astra 4.8°E 12303-V-27500 & 12360V 27500 PowerVUkeys 00:31 88 8F C4 F5 E5 BE 01C 0A 76 FE EF AE 2B Discovery  Astra 4.8°E ...

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Dunya news Biss key on paksat 38e

Dunya News Biss Key Paksat 38E Dunya News Biss Key On Paksat 1R At 38E 2016 – Latest Biss Key For Ptv Sports And Dunya News On Pak Sat 38 E … Dunya News Live Biss Key On Paksat 38E | Digital Satellite Hd … Dunya News Live Biss Key On Paksat 38E – Youtube Paksat 1R At 38.0°E – ...

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