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    cartierlovejesduas “It may not be taken into account on the PAP, but bad rejections are definitely taken into consideration in every Examiner’s overall performance. Statistics are regularly collected for every second, third, fourth, etc. and Examiners who have frequently have ‘nth’ non-final rejections will be talkd to about this. We’ve even had special training on this and it is no secret that it IS looked at. Besides, one things that attorneys do not realize is that bad rejections actually HURT the Examiners making them (as well as causing headaches for Applicants) – – i.e. Examiners get ZERO counts for any non-final rejection; thus, each ‘bad’ rejection that has to later be ‘reworked’ is coming out of the Examiner’s time – time that could have been used examining a new case and getting an additional FAOM count. Thus, for good or bad, there is absolutely no incentive for Examiners to make ‘bad’ rejections.”
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    cartierlovejesduas It actually tastes pretty bad. I LOVE BEEF and only buy my meat from a local butcher. I can’t believe that you would defend this obvious quality issue. At least label it so we have a choice.
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    cartierlovejesduas I have a button on the last slide of my project that should open a pdf document when clicked. However, it doesn’t work. I’ve done this in the past and checked out how I did it in other successful projects and it looks just the same. In fact, the button worked only a month ago when I used it at a presentation. Any suggestions on what might be preventing the pdf from appearing?
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